Even though a home may be new, there are still defects to be found. Most people think twice about whether to have an inspection done on a new construction home, but it is still very important that a home inspection be performed. 

It’s best to have a certified, licensed home inspector inspect a new home during early phases of construction when more of the house is visible. But, if the house is almost complete when you decide to buy it, it’s still important to get a home inspection on a new home. The walk-through with the builder is not enough. You need a professional looking out for you. Here’s why you should get an inspection on a new home:

New construction homes may have all sorts of problems. Furnaces, faucets, windows and flooring are all new but are they all safe, sound and secure? Do all doors and windows shut well or are there problems to be found?  Know as much as possible about your new home. With Solid Foundation Home Inspections, we will give you the peace of mind your family deserves. 

It can be stressful building a new home. With today’s current building market, homes are constructed fast. The superintendent cannot be everywhere and many items do get missed. New does not mean perfect. To help protect your investment and sanity get your brand new home inspected by Solid Foundation Home Inspections!

Our documented inspections provide a valuable tool for clients to present to their builder for needed changes. Most builders welcome the findings and make the necessary changes. It helps them in the long run too.

Solid Foundation Home Inspections perform onsite quality assurance observations to ensure the quality and integrity of construction. Michael Kenny provides documentation regarding onsite construction throughout each phase of the construction cycle. Along with direct feedback about the specific workmanship, our field inspection reports also help alert the superintendent of any action(s) which need to be addressed. Observation points include:

  • Pre-Pour
  • Pre-Drywall
  • Final
  • Foundation/Slab Reinforcement
  • Structural Frame
  • Window & Exterior Door Installation
  • Weatherproofing, Sheet Metal Flashings
  • MEP Rough-In (Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing)
  • Roofing Assemblies
  • Fire Block
  • Building Envelope

The Good News is that hiring a professional, certified and licensed home inspector like Solid Foundation Home Inspections to inspect your new dream home can pay for itself many times over both monetarily and with peace of mind. You can feel confident that problems are identified and corrected early before you buy your home. Make “The Solid Choice”!