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Michael Kenny, home inspector and owner of Solid Foundation Home Inspections, is an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Certified Home Inspector whose experience combines the highest technical skills with superior customer service skills, with his number one priority being you, the home buyer.

Along with a background in construction, Mike, prior to becoming a home inspector, began his career installing roofs. For approximately eight years he developed his installation experience with asphalt composition shingles, flat asphalt bitumen (tar) and slate roofs.

Mike also worked for several manufacturing companies where he attained the Blue Seal Mechanical Engineers Licenses in both Boilers and Refrigeration equipment. Though not required for residential home inspections, this Blue Seal license equips Mike with extensive knowledge and expertise in both the operation and diagnostic aspects of heating and cooling systems. While at the refinery, Mike began as a field operator and worked his way up to Control Supervisor.

Mike always had a desire to own his own business, so after 13 years of working in the refinery, in 1994 he decided to utilize all his acquired skills to start his own home inspection company. He bought an AmeriSpec Home Inspection franchise; covering the Somerset and Hunterdon counties. Over seven years, the company grew and expanded to require the need for two office staff members and at one point up to three home inspectors.

Due to the limitations imposed by the franchise, Mike left the franchise and started his own home inspection business. He named the business “Solid Foundation Home Inspections of NJ, LLC”. From 1994 to the present Mike has been doing home inspections and only home inspections as his source of income for 25 years.

When performing inspections, Mike will take approximately 200 to 300 pictures for a typical 4 bedroom, 2 bath house (more or less depending on the size of the home). These photos are given to the client via a Drop box link as a type of “picture diary” of the inspection that was performed. Of course, a very thorough home inspection report, written in easy to understand layman’s terms, is emailed following the home inspection with a summary report indicating the issues in the home that should be addressed prior to purchase of the home.

Mike encourages clients to join him on the inspection, to answer any questions they may have during the home inspection and is always available for questions regarding the home and/or home inspection at any time after the inspection, whether it is one hour or ten years after the home inspection.

Mike has met and exceeded the vigorous requirements necessary as a professional home inspector with over 7500 inspections under his belt! He has been a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (Member# 107585) since 1994 and, at one point, served as a director at the local Garden State Chapter of ASHI. Mike has the required NJ Home Inspector License (Home Inspector License# 24GI00027200), Radon Technician License (MET-10641) and Wood Destroying Applicator license (License# 56079B).

  • American Society of Home Inspectors (Member# 107585) since 1994
  • NJ Home Inspector License (Home Inspector License# 24GI00027200)
  • NJ Radon Technician License (MET-10641)
  • Wood Destroying Applicator License (License# 56079B)
  • Wood Destroying Applicator License (License# 56079B)